Make the Most of Horse Games With Different Horse Race Game Features

Fantasy horse racing simulation games are the best way to virtually race head-to-head against other horse fans and win community points, top racing honors and exciting prizes. It is a superb 3D horse racing simulation video game that covers several, amazing horse race game features from the real world. It includes key components such as the speed and stamina of the race horses, the condition of the race track, post position as well as the luck factor to name just a few.

Online horse racing fantasy game simulates all the action that takes place in a live horse race with the virtual race horses changing lanes and losing ground on curves. Moreover, it gives you the chance to jockey, bet, train and even breed champion race horses from all over the world. You can play in a private mode with family and friends or even in community mode with community members, if you are ready for some cut-throat competition.

Fantasy games offer not only varying levels of difficulty but also various levels of functions and horse race game features and thus represents thoroughbred racing at its best. These games enable players to race champion race horses from history against the present day champions in full screen, complete with the best quality of 3D effects. Besides this, it also simulates 180+ international horse racetracks, 450 major stake races and 5000+ top notch race horses.

An online horse racing fantasy game can prove to be a great educational horse racing tool for all ardent horse loving fans out there. It is a 4-in-1 game that can be source of entertainment to not only the hard core racing fan but also the gambler as well as those who appreciate the race for its magnificence. Online fantasy horse race game features exciting games such as the Jockey game, the Trainer Game, the Betting game and the Spectator game.

By playing these games, players will be able to grasp the strategies used by some of the most successful jockeys, trainers and handicappers. In the Jockey game, players have the freedom of controlling the speed and position of your horse, just like a real jockey. The Trainer game enables you to train your horse so that it delivers the best performance ever. While playing the Betting game, you can lay bets in any of the 470 stake races featured in the game. And last but not the least, experience the t

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