Free Horse Racing Games

The increasing popularity of racing games as well as the increasing demand for different kinds of racing games led game developers to imagine all sorts of interesting, complex and challenging races. The world of racing games today offers on road or off road racing games, by day and by night racing games, car racing games, truck racing games, dirt bike racing games, motorcycle racing games even Rollerblade racing games.

The Internet offers several different types of free horse racing games: there is a free racing game where you can race your horse and win, another free racing game where you can first buy the horse of you choice and then there is a free racing game where you can build your own stable and own as many horses as you can afford. The latter is particularly captivating among other free horse racing games because it combines the excitement of the race with the skill it takes to build a successful (though virtual) business.

One of the best free horse racing games on the Internet is StableKing, a site that at this moment is processing more that 600 races every day and is approaching a spectacular total of 800.000 races processed since it was launched on the market. This free racing game is a favorite even with real horse owner because of the attention to detail that has been given to every stage of the game. For instance, if you choose to become a virtual horse and stable owner and one of your horses is not well you get control the feeding, the supplements, the medication as well as the respite in training and the re-scheduling of exercise.

You are responsible for your horse’s feeding and training, you provide them with the necessary equipment (like blankets or saddles) and lodging (trailers and stables) and you take care of them as if they were real. This is why there’s much more to this game than just racing. When the race is on you can ride the horse as well as watch the race, place bets and watch the results, just like at the track.

This Internet horse racing game also allows you to start more than one stable which means that if you want to you can compete against yourself.

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Online 3D Racing Games

Many online sites offer sophisticated and entertaining 3D racing games with excellent graphics to play. These racing games include races in spaceships, luxury cars, barrels, and even boats. Online racing games that can be played online are also becoming increasingly complex as internet speeds increase and allow for a higher resolution of 3D graphics.

A simple online search can find plenty of racing games ready for download or online play. Many of these video games have creative types of racing, including one that allows you to race in a barrel down the road, running into as many cars as possible. There’s even one game that is pretty popular to play online where you and your friends race without any sort of transportation. You have to run through different terrain with a map, and the first to successfully navigate to the goal is the winner.

In fact, online racing games using LAN connections is quick becoming one of the most popular online gaming options on the net. You can race against your friends or total strangers from around the world in a number of creative races. Aquadelic 3D is one of the most popular racing games where players can play against the computer or among friends. In this game you race one of four different speed boats, which become available to you as you win races. A total of four players can play at the same time in the multi player version.

Enjoy the online world of racing games today and support grass roots video games designers. Many novice game designers are able to get valuable experience through creating their own online game. There are even several games that are more popular than racing games sold with the most popular video game consoles. Play with gamers from around the world through LAN technology.

If you’re looking to design an online racing game that anyone can play, there are plenty of websites that can help you learn how to program these types of 3D racing games. Programming your own racing game can give you incredible experience and maybe even a job with one of the big video game designers.

Take advantage of the opportunity to post or play online racing games today. The choices are endless for action packed game play. Finding the best games online is possible by going to popular message boards or reading user reviews in the most respected sites online. You can also search for specific types of racing games. It’s almost sure that you’ll find something for your taste. Whether it’s racing on a horse or in a barrel, there’s a 3D racing game out there for you.

3D racing games are perfect for spending a few minutes online relaxing from work or taking a break from a long night of homework. Enjoy this incredible world today with just a click of the mouse.

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